Two peas in a pod...

Okay, so most of you know that Thor is nothing but a big mama's boy, unless he is around Olivia. Then, he is her protector, guardian, defender: well all of these.
Here are the two of them laying on Olivia's blanket (normally the dogs would not be allowed on her blanket, but this was too dang cute!)

And here they are both sucking and chewing on their toys and bones, respectfully.

Where are those teeth? She has enough drool to get Lake Nacimiento full again!

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My gigglin' girl...

The title says it all...


Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Here are a few pictures from our valentine weekend. Here is Olivia in her pjs that Auntie Cyndie and Kevin gave her for Christmas... she loves the Aristrocats!
Valentine's Day was a special day for us. We woke up and opened some gifts to each other, while Mike and I made breakfast. We sipped on mimosas and had a relaxing morning.

About noon, we dropped Olivia off at Grammy's house, and headed up the coast to Hearst Castle. We stopped in Cambria on the way back to pick up some yummy candy, and had dinner in Morro Bay at the Hoffbrau. For those of you who know the challenge that Mike and I are currently on, 30 days of eating in, this was our only cheat allowed, Valentine's Day dinner. Below is a picture of Mike and I at the entrance to Casa Grande at Hearst Castle.

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Grandma Midge came for a visit

As most of you know, we moved into our new home this week. Grandma Midge came for a visit and to help us get settled. It was a huge help! Having three of us to unpack, cook, and take care of Baby O kept all of us sane.
Mike and I took the entire week off of work so we could concentrate on our home and our family. Well worth it!

On this particular weekend, Mike's company, Digital West, had their end of the year wrap up party. Here are a couple of shots of Olivia and Mommy having a good time.
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