Olivia after a whole day of swimming!

Here is a great video showing just how worn out Olivia can get. She was at the pool all day, and cried everytime we took her out! She refused to nap, and needless to say, she slept the whole night!

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Olivia at the park

Here is Olivia at Elm Street Park... she had so much fun on the swing!


Olivia's 6 month picture!

Here she is! Olivia Ann at 6 months old. Enjoy!
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Olivia's first swim lesson!

Here she is, training for the Olympics! Okay, well not quite, but she did have a great time at her first swim lesson with Auntie Amber.

The picture above is Olivia with her friends, Jordan and Jonathon. She had so much fun!

Here is a video of her and Amber swimmin' away.

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