Pottery Barn Inspired Wall

This weekend we finished up some work on the kitchen... it is so close to being done! But I am really reluctant to show you pictures until I am completely happy with the finished project. And I am not quite there yet.... stay tuned for more.

So until then, I will show you pictures from our Pottery Barn Inspired Wall. Here is the inspiration:
And here is our wall, finished:

Those are my great-grandmother's antique rolling pins and lefse turning sticks, along with my french rolling pin I received for Christmas this year. We had everything else, and Mike and I found the calendar wipe board and bulletin board at Michael's. Most of the cost was in the hardware to hang my rolling pins since they are so deep and actually needed to be hung with very different hardware. The only addition we plan on making is adding some hooks along the chair rail for my bag and Olivia's bag/lunch bag to hang.

I love it, and it is perfect for our "landing station!"


Anonymous said...

I do love this wall! :)

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

It looks great! I wish I had a space that big for something similar in my kitchen.

~ Sarah

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