Our first trip to Tiber Canyon Ranch

Grammy Karen took Olivia out to Tiber Canyon Ranch, where mom and dad were married, for the first time. She took in all of the sights and sounds, but wasn't quite ready for her first olive oil tasting!

Hello to Grandma and Grandpa!


Gloves off... or should I say umbilical cord!

And therefore we have our first bath! Come to find out, Olivia loves baths. Now for us, it can be a chore getting everything together to get the bathtub out, get her comfortable, get her changed, etc., but in the end, it is worth it. She loves the water, and we have yet to have any "accidents" in the bathtub...yet.

Her first piggy front ride...

Our first outing in the Baby Bjorn... Olivia was barely big enough to be in it, but we wanted to be able to take Lady Bug on the beach because it was such a warm day, and Olivia loved the front carrier! Here is a picture with Daddy carrying her... he loved it too!
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Olivia's First Professional Photos

Here she is! Beautiful Olivia Ann! We had her newborn pictures taken when she was two weeks old, and they turned out wonderful!

It's always funny when you have a blowout at the photo session though...

Daddy Time

I love this picture... partially because it shows what Mike likes doing best- sleeping. And partially because all of the men in the family dote on their daughters. He is so good to Olivia and is more protective of her sleep than his own, and definitely mine.
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