Visit from Grandma “Vegas”

When I was growing up, I knew my Grandma on my dad’s side as Grandma Bakersfield. I wasn’t quite sure why, because I didn’t know about towns, cities, states, just that she was Grandma Bakersfield. One day, while watching TV with my sister and brother, I heard them say Grandma Bakersfield’s name on TV. I couldn’t believe it! She was famous!

Well, Grandma Vegas came to visit this last weekend, and Olivia couldn’t wait. We don’t actually call her Grandma Vegas, just Grandma, since my mom is Grammy, and Olivia is so smart that she knows the difference. She couldn’t have come at a better time since I was completely burnt out between work, the house, sickness and Olivia’s new teeth. As I am writing this, I have kleenex stuffed up my nose, lol.

We had such a nice time, but just a little tip to Allegiant Airlines: Friday at noon to Sunday at 10 am is not enough time! Change it up a little or go back to a Thursday departure, please!

Saturday we went to breakfast at Mclintocks Saloon and it was fantastic. Then we cruised down to the village and got some fresh veggies to make dinner that night. We also hit up my local antique favorites, and I got a couple of new pyrex dishes and a new mug which I love.

That night, my mom came over for dinner and Mike made his famous bolognese. We roasted fresh veggies, potatoes, beets, carrots. They were fantastic. After dinner, I gave Olivia a little present for being a good girl. New sunglasses! She loves them!

We will miss Grandma and can’t wait until her next visit, or until we get out to Vegas next (thinking maybe a birthday trip!) But until then, we will just have to use our super phone skills and buck up on our language!

Love you Grandma!


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