Olivia's play kitchen

I <3 Miss O's Kitchen

I am FINALLY uploading pictures of Olivia's play kitchen! She is in heaven!

Mike and I spent many a night sanding and painting, although the construction itself wasn't at all difficult.

We started with a plan from http://www.ana-white.com/. If you haven't checked out her blog, you must! She is so creative and has the most wonderful furniture designs (although it is hard to keep up with her blog-design changes, hint hint Ana). Then, we followed the design inspiration from http://www.thecraftingchicks.com/ , Miss Q's play kitchen.

We had the hardware left over from a project that I hadn't completed, used spray paint to spray down the kitchen, and the handles are from Ikea. I made the curtain myself, and the sink is a dogbowl. We won't really talk about the faucet...

This is definitely a priceless kitchen in our eyes, and she can share it with her siblings, cousins, and friends...

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas as well!


Blissfully Making Home said...

I love seeing other parents' play kitchens! She is one blessed little girl to have such an adorable kitchen that was made with love! What a fantastic job you've done. Awesome!


Jennifer said...


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