35 before 35

I turn 35 on March 26, 2013. I have given myself two years to complete everything on this list. See how I am doing.

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1. Help Olivia overcome her language obstacles.
2. See Mamma Mia either on Broadway or on Brodway Tour.
3. Become a full-time mommy and wife.
4. Pay off all outstanding debt.
5. Master my garden.
6. Take my mom to the most amazing pizza joint: Full of Life Flatbread
7.Redo my blog and combine it with Olivia's and post to it regularly.
8. Knit a scarf.
9. Construct and mount our family tree.
10. Master and jar my own marinara sauce.
11. Learn the Thriller dance.
12. Find my new signature drink.
13. Find a good group of Saturday breakfast girls.
14. Redo my kitchen into the perfect kitchen for me.
15. Lose 25 lbs.
16. Design and sew Olivia a line of clothing.
17. Organize all of our closets.
18. Print and organize all of our photos.
19. Make a new landing strip in our living room.
20. Have a family photo taken that I love!
21. Define my sense of style, both personal and home.
22. Find my perfect shade of lipstick.
23. Buy an expensive pair of jeans.
24. Go to church once a month.
25. Take Mike to the Getty.
26. Have dimsum in San Francisco's Chinatown.
27. Learn a foreign language.
28. Find the perfect little black dress.
29. Learn all the words to Night Fever by the BeeGees (it was, after all, the number one hit on the day I was born.)
30. Visit the Wizardly World of Harry Potter (yes, I'm a nerd.)
31. See the Green Bay Packers play football.
32. Make Julia Child's beef bourgignon.
33. Have dinner in a winery's cellar with good friends, and lots of wine, of course.
34. Take a picture of Michael's family together: Dad, uncles, Olivia, cousins, and Jason. This will be a tough one.
35. Try skiing one more time.
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