Beautiful family photo…

Last month, we had Applemoon Photography take our family portraits.  I feel that I haven't had a good picture taken of myself since our wedding, and I was really wanting a good family portrait of the three of us before we became any bigger.

I am friends with so many photographers, but I didn't choose Applemoon Photography, it was as if they chose us. Maren, from Applemoon Photography, is mommy to one of Olivia's good friends in her parent participation class.  Maren and her daughter have a very special bond that I see also in Olivia and me, but I also see this extreme kindness in both of them that always rubs off on me after spending the day with them. I felt like she knew exactly what I wanted from this session, and she loves to spend time with Olivia, so I knew that she could get some good shots of her and not scare her off.

Well here is the result...

I am amazed. I don't even know what plans I have for these photos. First thing I did was order all of them. That might have been stupid, but I didn't even know what else to do! Here are a couple more of my faves…

She is afraid of dirt… did I tell you that?

Thank you, Maren, for capturing our little family and being able to put it into a picture.


Kate said...

These are so sweet. I esp. love the pic of you and Olivia. Thanks for sharing!

Lexi said...

These pictures are beautiful! Your little girl is too cute for words.

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

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