Our Pyrex Obsession

Call PA… we need help… we have been in a Pyrex collecting mode, Katie, Amber and myself, and this is what we have accomplished:

Thankfully, this is all that will stay in my kitchen! I have chosen to collect the Butterprint (sometimes called Amish) in turquoise, and Gooseberry in pink. They will go fantastic on the new shelves I am having MrB slave away at currently.

Amber will be moving soon <insert boo hoo’s and tears> and needs to beef up her collection for her new home in Livermoore. This is her current collection. She did not purchase these all today, so Pat, if you are reading this, don’t freak out.

Now Katie, she’s another story. Crazy girl! Fantastic!! Wowow! Shazam!
She scored. She decided to collect the green mixing bowls which are FANTASTIC (and hard to find) and the Orange Daisy Print (sometimes called Citrus) which is totally her style. I can’t wait to help her expand her collection and get them up on her walls!

Okay, well enough PyrexLove for now, but seriously, if you want to check out an awesome website, check out Pyrex Love. They have so much info, incase you actually have gotten this far in the post.
Happy Saturday!


Amber said...

Pyrex fashion show! (let's see if this comment works)

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