For Japan, with love

I am writing this after many days of contemplation over what is happening in Japan. As I hug my baby girl, I am urging myself to take part in helping another human being – not a country, not a government, or an organization, but just one human being.

I then asked myself the best way to take part in this. I did research as to where my money might be used best. I also had to think about whether to give my money NOW or LATER. Hurricane Katrina charities found themselves in need just as much six months down the road as they did immediately after.

I chose Shelter Box, a non-profit immediate response team that is set up to drop boxes with a “shelter” in a box. And, as you can read here, they supply boxes with everything that a displaced family would need, but is tailored to the needs of the area and disaster.

Tomorrow, many blogs across the US, and maybe even across the world, will be observing a bloggers day of silence. I will be doing the same, but I will be tweeting and face-booking the heck out of the organization that I support greatly, Shelter Box.

Time to give my little cupcake and hubby a hug.


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