Birthday Week

Well it is birthday week here at the Bleske/Wilcock homefront.

In one corner, we have GiGi. In the next corner, my birthday, celebrated right in the middle. And then there is Auntie K’s birthday, a week after GiGi’s. We have lots of fun things planned for the week, and I am sure I will have lots of posts to share the events, but I wanted to share how I decorated the dining room for this week.

I picked up a new tablecloth made by Moda Home. I bought it at a local store called Vintage, Etc., but you can also purchase it at House 8810. I absolutely love their new line, and even bought some other kitchen accessories as well.

I then made this adorable pennant banner, from a pattern I found on Prudent Baby. I used their pattern for each of the flags, but then I used a white yarn and did a chain of 40 on each end, and a chain of 15 between each flag. Festive for the birthdays, don’t you think?

Oh, yeah, and the tulips? A little present for myself, from myself.

Happy Friday!


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