An oreo INSIDE a chocolate chip cookie?

I know… is that possible??

I know I said I would post about birthday week… well we partied like it was 1999. Or maybe we partied like we were 99. I can’t remember. Anywho, I promise I will get to that, just as soon as the terrible twos escape my homestead.

I will, however, share with you this delectable recipe that I got from Serious Eats. It is sinful… it is dangerous… it is. an oreo. stuffed. inside. a chocolate chip. cookie.

image source

Here is my take. Plus a few tips along the way.

When making this awesome recipe, which I am going to also source here, make sure that your dough is on the cakey side. By this, I simply mean not too doughy. You almost want it to have the consistency of playdough, so that you can roll it around nicely, and it forms nicely around the oreo.

I used parchment paper underneath my cookies. I highly recommend this. One word: non-stick.

And voila! They did spread a little, but were utterly fantastic… so go have some moo juice and enjoy! Oh wait, you didn’t get any? Sorry, guess you will have to make your own!

Happy Saturday!


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